Is Sir David Running Out of Steam?

They say that old jokes are the best. But not if you hear them three times in the space of a fortnight. Sir David Frost has been in Washington DC for a couple of weeks now and been the guest speaker for a number of events, including an A-list gala dinner to celebrate  London’s Benjamin Franklin House and a bash at the Newseum for the launch of Al Jazeera English in the U.S. capital. On each occasion he starts off by saying that he was at a recent dinner where a toast-master got confused and instead of announcing, “Pray Silence for Sir David Frost”, he called the diner’s chatter to a halt by declaring, “Pray for silence from Sir David Frost.”

Another joke Frostie deploys is the one about the Thatchers and Reagans at a dinner event in the States where Ronnie spoke and introduced the Iron Lady and on the conclusion of her speech Barbara Bush got up and introduced Denis Thatcher. British press hacks present were aghast, knowing that Denis Thatcher was the publicly silent spouse who avoided speechifying at all costs. But Denis rose, buttoned up his jacket and announced: “As Julius Ceasar said on entering Cleopatra’s tent, ‘I have not come here to talk.'”

Not bad jokes but if you are being paid huge sums to give a speech, best to make some changes every now and again — especially when you are talking to the same A-listers in the same town.