Does Dobbs Encourage Attacks on Latino Immigrants?

The U.S. cable ‘news’ networks become ever more bizarre. Now CNN has agreed to run an advert from Media Matters attacking Lou Dobbs during his show. The group slams him for his outspoken support for the ‘birthers’ movement’s claim that Obama was not native born and therefore shouldn’t be U.S. President. Senior CNN executives looked as if they might order Dobbs to back off: CNN’s President recently sent out a network-wide memo urging anchors and producers to treat the ‘birthers’ cautiously. But Dobbs has continued to ignore the memo and there have been no consequences.

Media Matters isn’t the only group unhappy with the toxic nature of the Lou Dobbs Show. The National Council of La Raza, the Latino civil rights organisation, has long been frustrated with the nature of Dobbs’ coverage of immigration and border issues: whenever Dobbs launches on one of his rants about immigrants, especially those from south of the Rio Grande, arson attacks on La Raza offices increase and there is a noticeable jump also of phone threats.

La Raza is currently considering how best to proceed: the group fears that if  it makes too much of the correlation between attacks and threats and Dobbs’ coverage, that will merely embolden him.