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East Ukraine’s Make-Believe Republics
 — Daily Beast

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Ukraine’s Separation Anxiety — Daily Beast

Ukrainian Orthodox Churches Face Own Crisis — VOA

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Mafia Ruling Ukraine’s Mobs — Daily Beast

Thugs Prep Ukraine for Putin — Daily Beast

Donetsk Russians Say Only Putin Can Save Them — Daily Beast

Kyiv Somber, Angry Over Crimea Result — VOA

Ukraine Wants U.S. Help in a War — Daily Beast

Crimea Secession Likely to Spark Economic Disorder — VOA

Crimea Resigned To Pro-Russia Vote — Daily Beast

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Many Crimea Students Oppose Splitting From Ukraine — VOA

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EU May Delay Ukraine Trade Deal — VOA

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Buffeted by Chaos, Libya Faces Energy, Budget Crunches — VOA

Take a Photo, Take a Beating — Daily Beast

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Political Turmoil Affecting Mental Health of Egyptians — VOA TV

Claims Of Routine Sexual Assault On Male Detainees — VOA

Jihadists Seek To Indoctrinate Kids — VOA

El-Sisi Is The Putin Of The Nile
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Refugee Women Contend With Domestic Abuse  Sexual Exploitation — VOA

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Syrian Refugees Find Themselves in Deep Debt — VOA

Jihadis Abduct Iranian Soldiers
– Daily Beast

U.K. Jihadists Torture Syrian – Daily Beast

Jihadists in Lebanon Target Shiites — VOA

Al-Qaeda’s Christian Bomb Plot
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Syria Barrel Bombs Sow Terror — VOA

Not Enough Space in Lebanon’s Schools for Refugee Children — VOA

Lebanon’s Sectarian Divisions Deepen — VOA

Jon Stewart Turns To Daily Beast To Explain

Al-Qaeda Denounces Syrian Jihadis
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UN Asks West to Admit More Syrian Refugees—VOA

Sectarian Splits Widen in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley—VOA

Assad’s Anti-Jihadist Offensive
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Lebanese Youth Speak Out Against Sectarian Violence—VOA

Dictators For Democracy
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Libya Bankruptcy Warning Raises Concerns—VOA

Syrian Refugees Skeptical, Divided Over Peace Talks—VOA

Tensions in Tripoli, Lebanon Mirror Those in Syria—VOA

Why Geneva Won’t Stop Syria’s War – Daily Beast

Where Al Qaeda Holds Its Hostages
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Syria Spillover Adds to Lebanon’s Paralysis—VOA

Turkey Acts Against Jihadists 

Al Qaeda Infighting Kills 700 
– Daily Beast

Egypt’s Day of Rage – Daily Beast

Tribal Leaders Unveil ‘Save Libya’ Plan—VOA

The Holy Land’s Endangered Flock – Daily Beast

Libya Chaos Worsens—VOA

Syria’s Al Qaeda Gang Wars – Daily Beast

Rebel-on-Rebel Violence Spreading in Syria—VOA

Beirut’s Dead Qaeda Mastermind
– Daily Beast

Experts Fear Mounting Al-Qaida Resurgence—VOA

Polarization, Security Issues Could Spark Crisis in Libya—VOA

Obama To Cut Democracy Programs – Daily Beast

Assad Blamed for Beirut Blast — Daily Beast

Iran’s Oil-For Gold Deal — Daily Beast

Al Qaeda’s Benghazi Bombing — Daily Beast

Al Qaeda’s Ransom Racket — Daily Beast

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Number of Shia Fighters in Syria Could Rise Following Fatwa — VOA

Syria’s Saudi Problem — Daily Beast

Concerns Grow Over Libyan Uranium Stockpiles — VOA

Jihadis Married to the Mob — Daily Beast

American Teacher Slain In Libya — Daily Beast

Syria’s Staggering Death Toll — Daily Beast

Syrian Rebels Face Pressure on Multiple Fronts — VOA

Syrian Kurds Want Iraqi Border Crossing Opened — VOA

Syrian Kurds Take Steps Toward Self-Rule — VOA

Kurdistan’s Badass Female Fighters — Daily Beast

Women in Syria’s Kurdistan Region Work to Stop Sexual Violence — VOA

Women Take on Fighting Role in Syria’s Kurdish North — VOA

Kurds Vs. Jihadists in Syria — VOA

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Turkey’s Coed Condemnation — Daily Beast

New Syrian Opposition Coalition Initiatives Rejected by Jihadists — VOA

Libya on the Brink — Daily Beast

Egypt’s Military: Sinai Jihadist Attacks On The Decline — VOA

Syrian Rebels Radicalize — Middle East Institute

The Kidnapped Teen Bride– Daily Beast

Libyan Federalists Raise Tensions — VOA

Egypt’s Newest Jihadists — VOA

Libya Women Report Increased Harassment — VOA

Syrian Dismissal Seen as ‘Jockeying’ Ahead of Peace Talks — VOA

Syria Spillover Violence in Lebanon Raises Alarms — VOA

Hezbollah’s Syria Invasion  — Daily Beast

Hezbollah Forces Help Syrian Regime Win Key Battle — VOA

Hamas Moves to Improve Ties With Iran — VOA

Libya’s Grand Mufti: Teachers Must Veil – Daily Beast

Nursing a Terrorist
– Daily Beast

Libyan Islamists Call for Independent Inquiry into American Raid — VOA

Libya Unsettled Two Years After Gadhafi Death — VOA

Libya Seeks Assistance to Deal With Migrants — VOA

More Political Turmoil For Libya Likely in Coming Days — VOA

Libya Eyes Al-Liby Defense
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Libya’s Grand Mufti Wants to Veil Female Teachers — VOA

Al-Qaida Suspect’s Capture Sparks Libyan Outrage — VOA

Did The U.S. Get The Right Terrorist?
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Aides: Libyan PM Abduction Was Political Plot — VOA

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Libyan P.M. Kidnapped
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Hezbollah Hands Over Checkpoints in Lebanon to Avoid Strife — VOA

Firebombing in Syria
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Iranian President Faces Backlash Over US Visit — VOA

Al-Shabab’s Osama bin Laden
 — Daily Beast

Is Turkey Turning Away From the West? — VOA

Islamist Bloc in Syria Rejects National Coalition — VOA

Terrorists From the Twin Cities?
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Were They Americans?
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Rebels Without a Plan
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Libyan Oil Output Cut in Half by Strikes, Disruption — VOA

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Britain’s Part-Time Wives — Daily Beast

Turkey Angry Over Morsi Ouster — VOA

Gender-Based Violence Increasing Among Syrian Families — VOA

Al Qaeda’s Play for Lebanon — Daily Beast

Libya PM Pledges New Government Amid Turmoil — VOA

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Syria’s Women Face Violence, ‘Survival Sex’ Abroad — Daily Beast

Lebanon Unhappy With Hezbollah Blacklisting — VOA

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Syrian Unrest Could Have Broad Geopolitical Impact — VOA

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Iran Boosts Syria’s Flagging War Economy — VOA

UN Calls For Refugee Camps — VOA

UN Cuts Aid Amid Lebanese Profiteering — VOA

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Tunisian Cabinet Reshuffle Amid Political Turmoil — VOA

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Wall Street Fury at New Financial Regulations — Daily Mail

Carlyle Tries to Float Above the Distrust — Daily Mail

Apple Responds to Sweatshop Allegations — Daily Mail

First the Movie, Then The Share Float — Daily Mail

West Braced for Oil Showdown with Iran — Daily Mail

GOP: Party of Main Street, Not Wall Street – Daily Mail

MF Global Fallout — Daily Mail

Collaring Corrupt Traders — Daily Mail

US Can’t Spare a Dime for Europe — Daily Mail

 Scandal that Shook the World — Daily Mail

Occupy Wall Street — Daily Mail

Obama’s Growth Agenda — Daily Mail

Wall Street Haunted by 9/11 — Daily Mail

Helicopter Ben — Daily Mail

Commentary in the Daily Caller.

We Have a Dog in This Fight – Daily Caller

Left of Europe? — Daily Caller

Tax Cuts And Spending Hikes — Daily Caller

Libertarians Should Reject Tea Party — Daily Caller 

A Good Night for Obama — Daily Caller

Can Obama Win? — Daily Caller

Hold on to Your Wallet — Daily Caller

In Defense of the American Soul — Daily Caller

Build Cordoba House — Daily Caller

America Made the Big Decisions — Daily Caller

The Cuts that Dare not Speak their Name — Daily Caller

A link to the New York Sun’s archives containing my coverage in 2004 for the paper.







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