Guns and Ammo and Homeland Security

A glib comparsion maybe but I do find it fascinating that there is apparently a run on the purchase of guns and ammos at the same time as Homeland Security — in a highly controversial move that incurred predictably the wrath of Fox News — has been warning of the danger from some extreme right-wing groups. Here is the link to just one of many press reports on the dramatic increase in the purchasing of weapons

And here is the Huffington Post on the recent Homeland Security report

Janet Napolitano, the head of DHS, issued this comment about the Homeland Security threat assessment, pointing out that this is one of a series of studies trying to identify both home-grown and foreign terrorist threats

 The U.S. has a long history of violent radicalization (both on the left and right) during troubled economic periods and it is hardly surprising that Homeland Security is sounding a warning note now. Years ago, before the Oklahoma bombing, I wrote a news story roughly calculating how many pipe bombings there were in the States on average per year: and there were many.  Despite the hue-and-cry from some on the fringes of the right-wing — and some not on the fringes — about the Homeland Security report, it does strike me as something we should expect the department to be assessing — threats at home and abroad. Of course, security services on both sides of the Atlantic have been over-reacting horribly and lacking balance in their handling of security when it comes to civil liberties. But it is worth remembering that of the two worst terrorist attacks on the U.S., one was the work of domestic extremists.