Oh, Please…

“You could be forgiven for thinking that the Obama White House is the most masterful image-making machine in politics since the Reagan era. And you’d be half right,” Richard Wolffe, a fellow Brit in Washington DC opined in his blog for the Daily Beast.

But according to Wolffe many of the “iconic images that emanate from the White House each week” are due more to “opportunism and the projection powers of one Barack Obama” than conscious image-making. There is no equivalent in the Obama White House of a Michael Deaver, the legendary Reagan image adviser, whose finest choreographed event arguably was the Great Communicator’s funeral. 

Is Wolffe pitching for work with his puff piece? When not being an MSNBC political commentator, the Ex-Financial Times journalist Wolffe hangs his hat as a senior strategist at Public Strategies, a PR shop with Democratic Party sympathies.

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