Now Who Is Spinning!

In the current issue of PR Week (UK), former Tony Blair aide Darren Murphy, now an MD at APCO Worldwide, argues that his former boss should be used by the Labour Party in the upcoming general election campaign. “There’s no doubt Tony Blair would help,” he says.

He adds: “Blair is capable of touching the parts other Labour politicians simply cannot reach.”

A nice try but that’s pushing it a bit. Blair is radioactive — especially so with the current Chilcot Inquiry throwing up embarrassing details into the background of the decision to involve Britain in the 2003 Iraq invasion. Britain’s economic doldrums are blamed by many on Blair and the tabloids are full of angry stories about the costs to the Treasury of the former Prime Minister’s security coverage.

Blair himself recently acknowledged how unpopular he is at home, arguing the rest of the World likes him (hmm not so sure about the Middle East, Tony).