Talk about Spinning

Heroic spin by Labour’s Alastair Campbell in his blog this morning, arguing that there’s “fantastic stuff” in the Observer. He chose to focus only on a YouGov poll at the bottom of the splash story on Gordon Brown (see earlier blog post today) showing the gap narrowing between the Tories and Labour and to combine that with highlighting the only extract from Andrew Rawnsley’s torrid book that puts the Prime Minister in a good light.

He left unanswered the allegations of the Prime Minister’s temper tantrums and anger problems, the dysfunctionality of 10 Downing Street under Brown and Brown’s underestimation of the looming financial crisis. Oh, and no response to allegations about Chancellor Darling trying to stop Brown being “reckless” with the public finances.

Presumably Campbell had no time to respond properly — he was rushing off to watch his team Burnley play Aston Villa. They lost heavily……

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