Will He or Won’t He?

I am waiting to see if radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh fulfills his pledge to move to Costa Rica, if so-called Obama-care were passed by Congress. The central American state is an interesting choice — the country has a pretty good government-run health care system. A website has been set up to buy Limbaugh a one-way first-class ticket.

Who was it who wrote, “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there”? I would have thought Limbaugh would do better with a time-machine and to return to an America pre-Theodore Roosevelt.

Of course, if he fails to depart — the most likely outcome — then he would be joining other notables who have threatened to fly off, but failed to do so, if this or that legislation were passed or this or that fellow elected. Cast your minds back to Obama’s predecessor. Actor Alec Baldwin threatened to go, if George W. made it to the White House. In the event he decided he couldn’t drag himself away from Hollywood.