Searching for the Model

“I’m not sure there’s any business out there that can credibly argue it’s figured out what it takes to support the journalistic ambitions of a magazine determined to take full advantage of the digital era,” writes the inestimable Susan Glasser, editor of Foreign Polcy magazine.

Her essay on what she and her colleagues have done over at the loss-making magazine and their morphing into a must-read international news online site makes for thought-provoking reading. As Glasser notes their funding relies on support not from readers or advertisers but from the backing of some deep-pocketed institutions – think tanks, universities and the Washington Post.  “Experiment is the key word. The Web certainly made it easy and inexpensive to find and grow our audience; it has also connected us to a network of new writers and readers in countries throughout the world. Advertising has grown, too.”

But no code-breaker. “Until then, an experiment it will remain.”