Tijuana and the Kidnap Victim

An HBO movie will surely be made about this bizarre – and apparently tragic – incident in Tijuana yesterday. According to one version of the story, a kidnap victim managed to grab in the house he was being held in an AK47 and kill his two assailants.

After leaving the safe house, the semi-nude and handcuffed victim saw an SUV and stole the vehicle after shooting dead the two body guards who were guarding it. The bodyguards were apparently unconnected with the kidnapping and worked for a local businessman.

The police say that the victim then drove a short distance before confronting municipal police and he began firing at them unprovoked. In the return fire he was killed.

One of the kidnappers was reportedly a former policeman. Maybe that has something to do with the victim’s behavior. There’s got to be a lot more to this story….

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