Libyan Salafists Turn Attention To Women — Demand Segregated University Classes

Egged on by a Saudi preacher “Salafists behind the recent wave of sectarian bombings and the destruction of historic mosques and shrines—say they aim to rid Libya of all Sufi landmarks by the end of the year. Now they are turning their attention to women, posting flyers at universities and private schools, insisting male and female students be segregated.” My latest for Newsweek/Daily Beast on Libya’s difficult transition to democracy.

France’s Rich Look To The Exits

“Hollande has created a ministry for industrial recovery and talked about restoring French competitiveness. He’s dismayed left-wing supporters by raising the minimum wage far less than they’d hoped. The message has been that business has nothing to fear from him. But entrepreneurs and the wealthy aren’t reassured. They think the man who once announced on television his dislike of les riches remains a menace, and they’re threatening un grand départ to escape the French taxman.” My latest for Maclean’s magazine.