Qatar: Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hounds

Qatar’s authorities were quick to condemn earlier this month the burning alive of captured Jordanian pilot Muadh al Kasasbeh. One would expect that from a country that is a member of the international coalition arrayed against the Jordanian’s murderers — militants from the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.

What one wouldn’t expect is that on the Friday before ISIS posted the horrific footage of the burning pilot a preacher sermonizing in Doha’s state-controlled Grand Mosque called for the destruction of the faithful of other religions. “Allah, strengthen Islam and the Muslims, and destroy your enemies, the enemies of the religion,” intoned invited preacher Saudi cleric Sa’ad Ateeq al Ateeq. “Allah destroy the Jews and whoever made them Jews, and destroy the Christians and Alawites and the Shiites.”

His comments wouldn’t have been out of place in ISIS-controlled Mosul or Raqqa.

Read here in my latest Daily Beast article about how there is no persuading Qatar to stop running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.


One thought on “Qatar: Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hounds

  1. I and my 2 daughters just escaped Qatar in May, after living there over 15 years. My oldest children are American Qatari, and we went in November 2001, after receiving permission from the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa (Sheikh Tamim’s father). We were happy for the first 11 years, and then a series of false arrest, blacklist (because I refused to accept the trumped up charges I was accused of by a Sheikh M G Al-Thani in the Mukabarat (Secret Police). I was put on a black list and was not able to leave the country, until the blacklist just died of old age after 5 years. My plan was to escape as my older children had. They have a slavery system, and you can not leave, eve4n on vacation unless they give you permission. I was cleared in November of 2014, and was saving money to leave in a year or so. Unfortunately ISIS called for their minions to kill American teachers in the Arabian Gulf, and that poor teacher was murdered at Reem Island mall. I also was a Nurse Educator at HMC, the government hospital.On December 1st, 2014, 10pm, the same day the teacher was brutally murdered, some Arabic men came banging at my door, and asked my nationality, religion, and who was with me in Arabic. I did not open the door, and told him I could not speak Arabic….And he said….YYYYeeesss you are Englese…I was scared to death, and we called the American Embassy immediately, and I had a stick and kitchen knife in my hand….I said I was calling police, (but I knew Qatari would never come to help anyone axcept Qataris but not my children because they were half American). I looked out the window after it got quiet, and they had walked out of our compound and stopped at our SUdani neighbors villa and was laughing with them, and then walked out to a waiting car and left. The US Embassy Secret Service, said they would call Qatari police (who never came). I knew then that me and my younger children would leave, and I said I would go for vacation in May 2015, because I had to save a little money. Until I left I slept on the couch every night with the lights on, and a baseball bat near me. I hardly had any sleep until we left. I did not want to draw any attention to us escaping, so I left my car, all my belongings, my end of service benefits, and took our cats, and my kids and never looked back. I still can not sleep in my bed. I still sleep on my couch in the US, with the lights. My kids are afraid if people even look at them, and they are not small. I believe we are all suffering from PTSD, and I am just now feeling well enough to work ( I have to, because we have no more money), and I am trying to write a book about this horrible experience. Please . But if you can give me any pointers on how to do that, I would sure appreciate that. Thank you for saying the truth about Qatar, because most people believe it is a dream, but really it is a nightmare.
    Charlotte Al Haider

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