Ali Zidan’s Fate May Be The Same As Abushugar’s


Late blogging this because of a trip to Benghazi.

Ali Zidan now faces the challenge of forming a government that can gain the support of fractious lawmakers, a task that proved elusive for former academic, Mustafa Abushugar, whose list of cabinet nominees sparked protests and led to his downfall.

The narrowness of Ali Zidan’s win over the Muslim Brotherhood-supported candidate, Mohammed Harari to secure the job as Libya’s prime minister suggests he could face serious difficulties in finding nominees who can attract the backing of a majority of Libyan lawmakers. Zidan won 93 of the 179 votes cast in the General National Congress. Abushugar, his short-lived predecessor, also only managed a small majority over his challenger, Dr. Mahmoud Jibril, and lasted just 25 days as prime minister-elect. See my article in the Daily Beast published the evening of Zidan’s win.