More on Bob

Damian Thompson over at the Daily Telegraph has picked up on the unfolding Bob Fisk story. Bob apparently feels the criticism he’s coming under can all be put down to malice because he is a “moderately successful journalist.” In other words, it is all a matter of jealously. Well, I would have thought Ian Black, Hugh Pope and myself could all be described as moderately successful journalists, too. No jealously here, Bob. I just called it like I see it.

Bob Wrong Again

I see Private Eye magazine in its column the “Street of Shame” has some things to add this week about Bob Fisk, the Middle East correspondent. Bob believes the Anglo-American media demonstrated double-standards when it mourned and covered extensively the recent death in Syria of Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin, a friend of mine and one of the bravest reporters I have had the privilege to know.

As far as he is concerned the Anglo-American media doesn’t cover enough the deaths of Arabs and has ignored Israeli excesses in Gaza. Private Eye has some useful corrective comments to make and also cites a blog posting of mine on Bob’s tendency to make things up, embellish and to lift other reporters’ stories without attribution.

One thing that Private Eye failed to note is that Marie devoted her career to ensuring that Sunday Times readers were informed of the horrors of war, and reported movingly, for example, on Iraqi civilians killed by allied bombs.