Keeping Options Open

So John Solomon apparently resigned more than a week ago. Presumably keeping it quiet was prompted by ongoing negotiations between Solomon and Washington Times management. But were the negotiations over the terms of what is quite clearly a forced departure — what my lawyer friends would call constructive dismissal — or over the future of the paper and its management?

I don’t see why the Times has employed an outside spokesman as he seems to say nothing. Certainly the Times is showing how crisis communications should not be done. But then they may not know the content of what they want to communicate. Not returning telephone calls and staying mum allows others to define, and Talking Points Memo is running with the story well.

Reading between the lines of what managing editor David Jones told the staff in an e-mail about what the management has said, the options are being kept open. They did not commit to keeping the paper per se but to maintaining a multi-media operation: and that could mean a web-site and Washington Times radio only.