The Unraveling of Obama Syria Policy

“Only two days ago, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the Syrian rebels, retired Marine Gen. John Allen, explained confidently that the U.S. would help to train and equip Western-backed fighters to become a credible force that would compel the Assad regime to negotiate a political deal and end the four-year-long civil war.

Yeah. Right. The Obama administration’s plans have little or nothing to do with what is unfolding all too rapidly on the ground: Rebel brigades are demoralized, disintegrating, and fighting among themselves.”

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Syria: Full Circle

The Syria civil war erupted two-and-half years ago because Bashar al-Assad wouldn’t listen to the demands of protesters and had his security forces shoot at them to suppress the demonstrations. Last night (October 6), the Al Qaeda affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, which has taken over the town of Azaaz near the Turkish border fired at unarmed civilians protesting their takeover of the town.

What a difference a couple of years make! Here is a link to a YouTube video posted this morning.