Gorgeous George Is Back

Strong stuff as ever in the Daily Mail today from Max Hastings, extrapolating from George Galloway’s upset victory in the Bradford West by-election to argue that the win reflects not just local Muslim sentiment and dislike for Ed Milliband’s Labour Party but a collapse in trust between voters and the political class.

The YouGov poll from months ago that he cites is indeed alarming. Just 24 per cent of respondents believed MPs are capable of “debating issues of public concern in a sensible and considered way.”  And only 15 per cent saw Parliament as “representing the interests and wishes of people like me.” Barely one-tenth of voters (12 per cent) thought politicians capable of understanding their own daily lives.



British Back Change In Assisted Suicide Law: Don’t Prosecute

The Daily Telegraph splashed this morning on a very significant poll conducted by YouGov. More than 80 percent of those polled agreed that relatives of terminally ill people, who had made it clear they wanted to die, should not be prosecuted for assisting in their deaths.

Three quarters of those polled said the law should be amended to allow assisted suicide.

The Telegraph also reports on the upcoming lecture by  author Sir Terry Pratchett, an Alzheimer sufferer, who will call for assisted suicide “tribunals” that would give the terminally ill permission to end their lives. In this week’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture, he will offer himself as a test case for just such a tribunal.

One hopes that Sir Terry will also take into account the plight of those who are desperately and incurably sick.